Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End.

I've never been much for New Year's Resolutions......not because I have some deep seeded problem with them.......but because I just always forget about them come January 18th and I'm one of those anal individuals that has a difficult time starting something new mid-stream.  So, if I didn't start it and keep with it at the beginning I'll just have to wait until the next new beginning comes around.  Plus,  New Year's always seems to creep up on me and I haven't had any time to think about what I really want my resolutions to be.

My dream resolution list would look something like this:

1.  Lose the 10 lbs. I sadly found.
2.  Do more yoga and Pilates.
3.  Learn to love vegetables and fruit.
4.  Be ready for the day before Georgia gets up so we can hit the ground running.
5.  Save money on groceries by only buying what I write on a list instead of being tempted by that new cheese that I have no idea what to do with but it looks "oh so pretty" in that crinkly paper with that Italian label.
6.  Read more books that actually teach me something.
7.  Buy fewer clothes.........who needs seventy five tank tops and long sleeved t's?  Hence, I should probably stay away from Target too.
8.  Take swimming lessons with Georgia.
9.  Get better at shooting in manual on my camera.
10.  Learn to balance being type A and laid back.
11.  Worry less.
12.  Travel more.
13.  Love everyone.
14.  Work for world peace.
15.  March in a rally.

Yeah.........the list kind of fell apart at number 10.  But that's what always happens with New Year's resolutions.  Sometimes I feel like keeping them is as lofty a goal as achieving world peace. Puke.

So instead, I think it's more fun to look back at the year that was and the incredibly amazing things that happened............and look forward to another batch of pictures a year from now.............

The blizzard.  Although, according to the news anchors here in Grand Rapids every flurry or sprinkle is a weather event of 'end-of-days' proportion.  So......we just call it, "we live in Michigan and it snows, so let's have fun in it."

Our amazing sitter Kelli took this last winter one day while her and G were holed up in the house together to escape the snow. I love the look in her eyes, her messy hair, her cute kitty shirt, and the fact that she's mine.  I know what she smells like, what her cool little cheeks feel like, and I can probably guess what she was saying.  Love her to pieces.  

Hanging out with these girls............they're pretty fantastic. And........apparently I was wearing a see-thru shirt.

Not the most amazing picture of any of us, and this weekend wasn't what it was supposed to be, but it proved what a fighter my amazing sister is and we learned a few of which.......sleeping in hotel bathtubs is surprisingly comfortable.

Georgia's second birthday.  Hello Kitty of course.

Somewhere in Kentucky on the way to Florida for spring break.  If you've never taken a road trip to Florida.......DO IT.   It's fun, and the experiences on the way down can't be reproduced in an airplane.....and you might not know it, but the south is still winning the war of northern aggression in backwoods Alabama..........promise.

First time touching the ocean for G.  When we left to go to dinner Georgia cried and said she wanted to stay in Florida longer.  It was so cute and so sad in a way to think that in her little mind we'd driven all that way to see the ocean for a few minutes and now we were leaving with no concept that we'd be back tomorrow.  (And clearly--my lens needed a good cleaning before someone shot this....yikes with the lint).

The baby-fat that is present in this picture is now gone.  Look at her wrists..........they're all skinny and grown up now.  

One of my favorite family pictures we've ever taken impromptu. 

Petting a llama at the zoo on Memorial Day weekend. They totally spit right?  I'm sure we were moments from it.  His lips are even pursed.

Bangs.  I finally did it right before Father's Day and I'm never going back.

Playing at the Children's Museum.  Check out Parker's pants.  Never even noticed those before.

Playing at Grand Haven on a cool summer night.

Georgia shopping on her "own" at the grocery store.  This was a highlight of her summer.  We did it a lot to escape the ninety degree July days.  A trip to pick up cat litter and diet coke turned into a two hour exploration of every aisle of the store.  

Michigan Adventure water park.  One of those days where you're hot, sticky, sun-burned, and your skin feels tight from chlorine at the end of it and you can't wait to be able to do it again because it was just so much fun.  And seriously--how tan is Georgia?  And that girl has 55 SPF on at all times when we're outside.  Who's jealous of their two year old?  This mom.  

If you want to do something really cool with your kids--buy an ant farm.  And plus--it's actually more fascinating for the adults.  I think I spent an hour a day staring at this thing.

End of summer......last time at the beach. 

Camping on Labor Day weekend.  Maybe one of my favorite pictures that I took all year.  I love how the two of them are bathed in sunshine and G has her butterfly net ready to catch some fairies with Gaga.  

The Mom Colored Glasses Artist Trading Card booth at Art Prize.  It was awesome to be involved in such a large scale community event and get to promote our web-site at the same time in such an interactive and family friendly way.  

Chris and Georgia enjoying the bridge installation at Art Prize.  

Beautiful fall days and walks in the woods behind our house, the camera self-timer, and just hanging with Georgia.  I love these pictures because it was just us hanging out--no big event, no real purpose, just  playing with my kiddo and loving those crunchy leaves.  

Playing in the leaves after brunch on a Sunday one day during our warmest Michigan fall we've ever had. 

This epitomizes Georgia's thoughts on her Halloween Dora costume---even though she begged for it.......therefore...........

We made a game-time decision to dress up as a fairy for trick-or-treating.  Much better. 

Chris took this one day while he was visiting his grand-parents on the family farm.  I love it.  She's concentrating so hard on her walk, the colors coordinate, and the sun is hitting her just perfect. 

Winning tickets at Larry's pizza.  Our new favorite place for 2011.  She's looking at Chris and I love that total adoration, I-want-to-marry-my-daddy look in her eyes.  

She made these place-cards for Thanksgiving and was so excited to put them out at everyone's place. 

Cutting down our Christmas tree at great Grandpa and Grandma Terryn's farm. 

A quiet December night.....holding my girl and thanking God for my best year yet.  

Happy New Year to you.  
See you in 2012..........we're starting off the year with some big changes.  I'll fill you in later.  


  1. Beautiful pics! Sounds like a wonderful year. I read your post about Kelli, she sounds like a wonderful amazing person. I teared up reading that.

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