Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"I'm licking it clean."

Sometimes when I'm in the middle of something I'm doing, I think, "I don't know why I decide to do the things I do." But then......after the fact, I know why I do the things I do.

On Saturday, in a moment of wanting to fully embrace the whole hunkering down at home, it's fall and I want to do homey things, and let's celebrate a cozy day, I decided to make cut out sugar cookies and decorate them with icing and sprinkles.....................with Georgia as my side-kick.  Now........the former is not the crazy part--it's the latter.  I had these notions of showing Georgia how to delicately sprinkle black sugar on glossy orange pumpkins, and silver sprinkles on spooky black cats, and even that I could show her to spread icing with a little knife--you know--it wouldn't be perfect by any means, heck it'd be messy--but we could get it done.

Oh......and we did.

Georgia knew we were going to decorate these cookies.  I'd made the mistake of telling her the night before when I was sitting in her rocking chair with her before bed.  The morning went something like this.

8:30 a.m.  I enter Georgia's room to get her up.  "Is it time to decorate cookies.  You said after my nap we could (she calls night-time sleeping her nap--something has to count as a nap with this girl.)"

9:00 a.m.  "Now is it time."

9:10 a.m.  "Daddy and I will go and get a doughnut and when we come home it will be time."

10:15 a.m.  "We're home.  I will get the sprinkles out."

10:30 a.m.  "Are the cookies ready to decorate.  You said when they were cool we could decorate them."

10:40 a.m. "I think the cookies are ready now."

11:00 a.m.  "I think Sparrow wants to help us decorate the cookies now."

11:10 a.m.  "I am in my seat ready to decorate cookies."

For the love.  Finally at 11:30 we were ready to roll.

I spread everything out on the table in my 'type A' way; the icing was made and flavored, the tops were all off the bottles of sprinkles, I had tin-foil and baking racks covering everything to avoid more messes, and Georgia was topless--a necessity for projects like this.

And then we started.  Georgia did pretty good in initial spreading icing attempts; really good as a matter of fact.  Enter the sprinkles and it was all pretty much down hill from there.  If ever there was a vigorous sprinkler, Georgia is it.  She sprinkles like it's her job.  And the thing about being a crazy sprinkler is that the frosting gets all over the bottle of sprinkles, all over your hands, and on and on.  But no worries, because when that happens you can just lick the top of the bottle of sprinkles, and the knife you used to spread the icing, and your fingers.  And when your mom tells you to stop you can reassure her and say, "Don't worry Mama.  I'm just licking it clean."

I felt myself slipping into anal mom mode and then just decided, who cares?  We're not sharing these cookies with anyone, I can replace $1.69 bottles of sprinkles and sugar, Georgia is having fun, and I'm not going to cast a shadow on a good time decorating cookies by enforcing rules about cookie decorating.

And plus--my silverware was getting licked clean so I wouldn't even have to do any dishes.

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