Sunday, October 9, 2011

Art Prize

It was a fabulously beautiful weekend here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The kind of weekend that magnifies everything that is right and wonderful and perfect about fall......and the kind of weekend that makes me cringe at the thought of ever having to leave the Midwest......we're not.........for now.

It was sunny, the leaves were on fire, it was pleasantly warm, the house was pretty clean (shocking for the end of the week), we'd all had enough sleep and were in good moods, and we were ready to tackle the weekend.  There were a lot of little outdoor projects that we needed to get done but decided to forget about all of those and enjoy the last weekend of Art Prize in downtown Grand Rapids.  I, apparently, hadn't had enough of Art Prize having worked at it the last two weekends manning a booth for kids to make artist trading cards on behalf of Mom Colored Glasses and a few other area blogs, so down we went again!

Art Prize is one of those events that can make you fall in love with a city if you're not there yet...............

"Rusty" was in the top ten of all the Art Prize entries and I was pretty cynical about it until I saw him in person.  He's pretty cool and very creative.  Loved his tree trunk legs!

Monkey's on the bridge.  By far the best "blue bridge" installation in Art Prize's three years.  I think you can even buy these guys.  Georgia told me they were saying, "Hee Hee Who Who."  That's what monkeys say I guess.  

We're in a sunglasses phase.  They never come off: even when upside down.  Two weeks ago she wore them to church......and they didn't come off said her teachers........she's a rock star.  

This is "Glitter Girl."  My favorite entry this year.  And this artist was the victim of highway robbery in my opinion that they didn't make it into the top ten.  It's truly fabulousness.  All these individual sequins nailed to this board that you can touch and feel and it's an amazing photograph on top of it all.  Robbery.....pure and simple.  

I called these "little Darth Vader's" since I'm such an amazing art critic......but you could put your face into them and hear a different song playing in each of them; there were probably about twenty of them total hanging from the ceiling.  Pretty cool actually and if I was cultured I'd remember what they were actually called. 

Seeing that I spent a lot of time at the Children's Museum during Art Prize I saw a lot of kids loving these little statues.....I think there were about 100 of these.  Kids could climb all through them, investigate the different ways they were painted and decorated and touch the art work........Georgia had a favorite.  I agreed with her. 

In Monument Park listening to the Kevin Kameraad puppet show........again. 
And....a few more favorites from the day. 

It was a great Saturday and we even managed to get all the outside stuff around the house done today.  Here's to beautiful fall weekends, the Midwest, and art!

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