Monday, October 31, 2011

Dora-ish. Halloween Part I.

This weekend we headed over to Detroit to hang out at Henry Ford museum on Saturday night for a spooky walk through their historical village with friends and family.  The history teacher in me loves this place--not to rave and rant about how amazing it is while I'm there (even though I might one day) but to absorb it and think about how cool it is that I'm standing next to Noah Webster's house, Thomas Edison's lab, court houses from the 18th century, and the list goes on (please don't judge me.....even though I know you are).  We'd never been for Halloween before--having a kid makes getting there easier, more fun, and more of a priority.  They decorate the whole place with paths of jack o'lanterns of all sorts--they seriously had nearly 1,000 jack o'lanterns; it was astounding, actors wearing historical costumes, creepy music, smoke machines, and ghouls and goblins of the Ichabod Crane variety and they even have a headless horseman at the end of the tour. All this and they still manage to make it fun for little kids and not too scary.

As I presumed--the Dora wig was a huge...........failure.  It really was an asinine purchase and Georgia wore it for an all of two minutes in the parking lot before we went in.  Therefore, she looked Dora-ish for the rest of the night; pink pants, a backpack with a map, and a monkey do not a full fledged Dora make.  Oh well.  Oh well.  I had to let it go--at least for Saturday night.

We made a stop to Miller's Bar before trick-or-treating to fill up on hamburgers, french fries, and pickles.

The wig going on.........

And we're at one minute with it kid of on........'s gone.  It wasn't even fun while it lasted. 

But now we're happy--and we're a French beret wearing Dora. 

Georgia getting her fortune told by the gypsy lady......"she'll soon be taking a new path in life" a new costume for trick or treating tonight, right?

This guy was real.  He came to life to scare the kids.  I told Georgia he was fake because I really thought he was.  She informed me I was wrong as he jumped off his bale of hay and yelled "Boo."  Mom of the year award coming my way.

A spooky pirate boat on the pond.....

Good old Lik-a-Maid.......

It was a great time and we'll be back..........but for tonight.........I can't promise that I didn't go out and buy some wings last night to pair with Georgia's tutu so she could be a "fairy."  Lesson learned about costumes.   Lesson learned.  

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