Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank-you for turning on the fireworks.

That's what Georgia yelled as the first firework lit up the sky on Sunday night.  We really thought we'd be picking her up and carrying her out through a crowd of thousands of people because she was so terrified.  But as usual--she proved us wrong and was her happy, in awe of everything self.  She let everyone know what color each fire-work was. "Oh, that's a blue one." "That's a beautiful green one." "I like these." "I'm sitting by myself--I'm big." 

Oh yeah.  She's big. She's told everyone since that she sat all by herself while watching the fireworks.  She mustered up all of her bravery and sat on the blanket next to me all on her own.  She didn't have to crawl into my lap, in fact, she didn't want to.....and she's just growing up so fast. 

The weekend was fabulous!  Chris and I got drenched at a Tiger's game on Saturday night....and by drenched I mean I didn't have any remnants of mascara and eyeliner on my face when we got back to our car because it had all washed off.  I mean that Chris drove home in his underwear and said he never imagined he'd get to walk into his in-laws house on a Saturday night wearing his rooster boxers only.  I mean, I sat on a floor mat the whole way home because I was afraid of ruining the seat.  I mean......it was a monsoon. 

We played on the deck, in the kiddie pool, watched the closing arguments in the Casey Anthony trial (I was as obsessed with this trial as my mom had been with OJ), and on Sunday night we packed up Beverly Hillbillies style and had a picnic and fireworks viewing party with good friends and family. 

We went to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan....a historic village that's opened year round and definitely worth a visit if you've never been.  The Detroit Symphony Orchestra plays live music both before and during the fire-works, thousands of people picnic on the lawns, and it's such an amazing, nostalgic, Americana moment.  I was thrilled to be able to finally go again, as it'd been a few years, and this time with Georgia.

I'm a sucker for traditions and believe it's very important for kids.  Traditions make kids value family, keep them grounded, lend themselves to a feeling of stability, keep them coming back for more.  We had a fourth of July tradition all while we grew up--we'd trek down to the Grandville High School lawn in Grand Rapids and watch the show, and when it was over my parents would push me back to my grand-parents house in a wheelbarrow where I'd for sure fall asleep.  It was great.  I'll never forget those hot summer nights, the sparklers, rice krispie treats, and how tired and sun-burned we were from swimming all day in my grand-parents pool.  It was what being an American kid should be all about. 

I don't know if this will be our forever 4th of July tradition with our kids.....but it's a strong contender!
Cute, tan, little 4th of July feet. 
I thought the sky was going to open up at any minute....and look at all these people...I was envisioning a riot.  Instead, it was just fabulously over-cast, not hot, and so incredibly pleasant.
Bubble guns with Owen....who doesn't love an over-priced holiday souvenir? Thanks Pop Pop. I've enjoyed filling this up about 40 times since we've been home, for one day, and putting an end to every melt down every time "we" think there are no more bubbles in the gun and it's broken.  It's a super good time. 
Owen gives Georgia a 4th of July present.  Oh....these two.....
Look at that white outfit right?  How crazy am I dressing a two year old in a solid white (save the blue rick rack) outfit for a picnic, on the ground?  I figured.....just go for it.  It screams 4th of July, when else will she wear it, and I got it on sale anyway at the end of the summer last year for about $12 total.  It's white, unless she's wearing it in a bubble, it will get dirty.  And guess what?  It came home almost the same way that it went to the picnic......a little oxi clean on the butt before I washed it and it's perfect.  I'm truly stunned. The 4th of July gods must have really wanted her to wear it and they deemed it good.   
Can we get any more Norman Rockwell than this?
And we start the eating.  I lost track of what Georgia consumed after two of these cookies, two cupcakes, two more cookies, sugar dots, chips, kettle corn, and random candy from everyone we were with.  I really just gave up.  We were going to be up until midnight anyway--who couldn't use a sugar rush?
Carol & my mom.....Georgia loved Carol.  Loved her!
Pop Pop making up another funny game.  He's got a knack for that.
Owen & Jill.  Our camping friends....and wish we lived closer to each other friends.
And again....these two little cuties.  They went on their first date last September while camping.  We let Owen drive her in his car.  He comes from good people so we trust him...........
A little Fedora love. 
And the money shot......
Happy 4th of July! 


  1. hi maggie! so glad you guys had a wonderful 4th! georgia's hair is getting so long, she's so beautiful! it's funny you mentioned the white outfit - i have done that few times recently with isla and like you, i say just go for it! her and owen, umm...too cute!! i really enjoy reading your posts and makes me want to get back into my blogging!

  2. I love your 4th of July! Everything about it looks perfect : ) I love her happy smiles. Good call about being Norman Rockwell like. Perfect picture : )

    So nice to meet you I love your blog name. Creative people just make my day!


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