Saturday, July 16, 2011

Enna {My brave sister}

Are you someone that defines your moments or lets the moments define you? 
My sister--she defines moments. 
She moved to Pittsburgh today.
She was offered an incredible job.
But it was incredibly hard to take it because it meant doing a very brave thing.
Starting over.
Moving to a brand new city.
Where she doesn't know anyone.
And my sister usually knows everyone.
It meant re-adjusting her ideas of what life would look like.
It meant moving away from family and friends.
It meant creating a new reality.

It MEANS opportunity.  It means she is one of the strongest, bravest, smartest, wisest, deserving people I know.  It means.....that I believe there are great things in store for my little sister in Pittsburgh.  It means that like always...I'm proud to call Enna (that's what Georgia calls her), Whimsical (that's what I called her growing up), and Ellen my little sister. 

It means I love her like crazy. 
Pittsburgh will never be the same.

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