Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Won't you be my neighbor?

We've lived in our neighborhood for seven years.  We honestly never thought we'd live here as long as we have, but we're really glad that we do.  You see.....we honestly have the greatest neighbors.  We have this great little pocket of people surrounding us and we have the most fun together.  Whether it's drive-way bonfires, grilling out (in the summer and the winter--we're die hard over here), hanging out at garage sales, taking walks, playing in the snow, sharing a quick conversation across lawns as we all get home from work, or like this past weekend building a giant slip n'slide, we just can't love living where we do anymore than we already do. 

We had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!  We went to the zoo with some friends on Saturday, went to Tarah's open-house on Sunday, grilled out Sunday night with the neighbors (where the slip n'slide plan came together), and then--on Monday--we built the slip n'slide and spent about eight hours playing in the water together.  It was one of those days that just makes you so grateful for everything you have and happy to be where you are. 

Of course, when you combine an engineer, a dry-waller (with a lot of tarps), and um--a brass salesman (my husband) you get the most technically constructed slip n'slide in Grand Rapids.  We had foam padding under the launch, we had sprinklers lining the whole course, we had a pool at the bottom, we had a nice big area of lawn for a running start, and of course a spectator section.  And like all things--once you get grown men involved we have to get a little dangerous too.....the neighbors dog went down a few times and slip n'slide surfing was also attempted and Georgia of course thought it was the greatest, "do it again Daddy!"

It was a fantastic weekend to kick off the summer and a fantastic weekend to remember how wonderful it is to have such great neighbors that you can just have fun.....doing nothing with......just hanging out in ninety degree weather throwing around tarps and sprinklers and appreciating every simple minute of it together. 

Thanks neighbors! We think you're great!

The kiddos at the zoo--Georgia, Parker, Fiona, & Madi

Looking for giraffe's through the zoo periscope.

Romaine hearts for this guy.

I gotta say--I think they are a bit creepy looking.

Out of all the animals at a zoo why is it that kids like the everyday, barn yard animals the best?

Maybe some of the most over-fed goats....just maybe.

Do llama's spit?  This one was about to, I'm sure of it. 

 It's been really cool to see these two become friends.....they chase each other through church, shrieking and laughing, give each other hugs, hold hands, and it's just really sweet to see a friendship develop between two year olds....and it's pretty great to be friends with Fiona's mom too!

At Tarah's open-house--so proud of this girl!

Taking a swing break from all the people.

Seriously with all that hair! Who knew I'd be jealous of a two year old one day?

And the slip n'slide construction begins....1 of 3 tarps.

  The first run down is a huge success!

 Sara takes a turn.....such good form!

No animals were harmed in the execution of this slip n'slide.  Promise.

How great are these deck shots?

I love how much she loved this!  That is a great face.

My little summer girl.

This just screams summer to me--I love the water drops!

Give any guy enough time and going down the slip n'slide the normal ways just aren't challenging enough.

Happy Memorial Day!  Happy Summer!

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  1. Such great pictures - thanks for sharing! I will have to get a print of the one of Fi and G...we had a wonderful time with you guys!


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