Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oreo Pops, the Weekend, and Potty Training

Another one of those great summer weekends--and I really only say that because our air conditioning just got fixed and being that it was 90 here this weekend it actually did feel great in our house--we had fun I shouldn't just credit the AC.

If you've ever visited my other on-line home, you might have seen my post last week about making a summer list with your kids to keep everybody sane this summer. I thought I could keep myself accountable to my own list by updating the goings-on of my list right here.  So, #1 on my list was go to a baseball game.  Check.  As of today.  Last year a bunch of us attempted this as well only to be driven out by rain and thunder.  This year, it was mid-eighties, sunny, and muggy--much better baseball weather, and makes being covered in sticky ice-cream that much more enjoyable. 

If you know know her favorite part of any event is the eating.  This hot-dog lasted maybe 30 seconds.  She'll be able to out-eat any hot dog eating champ within five years I'm sure of it. 

So many great pictures of these two.....I need to get on the other side of the camera!

This is Addi....she's pretty darn adorable!

No nap....again....I can't believe this isn't a picture of G crying.
Georgia was obsessed with Madi's "bow."  Madi was very patient.  I don't know many people that enjoy their heads being touched this much and especially in mid-eighty degree weather in the baking sun. this girl! 

I don't even know who won this game, who was winning when we ended up leaving....I was just taking pictures.

G! Smiling for a picture and looking right at the camera...imagine that!

We headed over to a friends house afterwards for some more junk food and backyard games.  I really, really wanted to bring these Oreo pops I'd found on pinterest.  They looked so easy--not so much.  I tried two different kinds of white chocolate, different sized sucker sticks and double stuff Oreo's as well as regular.  No luck.  The Oreo's kept breaking, the sucker sticks fell out, when I dipped them in white chocolate they all fell apart, when I spooned chocolate over them they stuck to the parchment paper and broke when I tried to take them off, and on and on. I did get these two to work--not quite enough for a get together with 12 kids.

So, I ended up making these strawberries instead--pretty good....but just not the Oreo pops I had in mind.  I'm taking your suggestions--let me know what I should do instead!  I really want to make these....they're just too cute!

I want to eat these little hands. 

And she just wants to eat more food.


And gone.
So tired after a long, hot, summer, wonderful day!

And, in other news.....I'm going to attempt potty training (take two) again this week--that's number twenty-three on my list by the way.  Now, I know I could be opening up a can of worms with this one too--but I'll take any advice you have to give on this topic as well.  I have high hopes--famous last words, right?


  1. Good luck on the potty training...we hauled out the little potty seat last night and Fiona keeps wanting to sit...and sit...but not necessarily go...:)

  2. Great pictures of the kids at the ball game. Makes me wish we lived up in Michigan so we could hang out with you guys - Tommy would love it! No advice from me on the potty training. Tommy loves to sit on the potty. He sings, he reads, but he rarely actually goes when on the potty. He did, however, go in his new underpants the other night, and didn't even seem to notice. Thank goodness for pull-ups!


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