Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wearing pull-ups with pride!

I stole that line from one of my friends. 

An update on the potty training front--it's slow going over here.  But, we're not stopping. I just think we're going to be the potty training for a while type of family vs. the in and out in a week kind of family.  And because of that.....I'm thankful for pull-ups.  I didn't think I'd go there but I have, and with a huge sigh of relief.  Because, just like I'm a wash my hair every day kind of girl, I'm also not a clean pee out of the carpet and do loads of laundry kind of girl.'s very hard for me to force myself to stay home.  One day--sure.  Three to four to five to six to seven to eight--probably not.  It's also summer--and Georgia is an outdoor girl to the core.......the novelty of going on the big girl potty wears off fast when it's an outdoor interruption.....the game of trying to keep the hearts on the pull-ups is much more fun for her. we are.  And I thank you all so much for the advice you've given me! 

We went to Meijer today--wouldn't have been able to if it weren't for the pull-ups--we needed to get out of the 90 degree heat we're having here in Michigan and I let Georgia do something I've been promising her she could do for a while now.  She brought her own grocery cart.....with her own baby. We went early in the day so it wasn't very busy, and I only needed to get a few things.  It ended up taking me about four times as long as this kind of trip would normally have taken but she was loving it!  And most of the time....that's worth more than anything else. 

Happy mid-week...and happy heat--it's super hot!


  1. I love seeing the kids with their carts. Have you done a picture list for her? Of course, mine are a little older and Syd can read, but both she and Gray really have fun finding the items on their lists. Takes longer, but the lack of fighting and whining is worth the effort.

  2. SOOOOOOO fun! I love that you let her bring her own cart and babydoll, can;t wait to let Emma do the same one day! I loved doing that when I was little!!!! What a great mommy you are! And good luck with the potty training!

  3. so. much. fun. Loved to see that, Maggie. :) Thanks for posting!--Tiff


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