Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stuff I'm Loving…...

THESE family pictures from my friend Lisa.  She's my Annie Leibowitz.  And she managed to capture some of Georgia's most of-the-moment expressions and I love freezing those in time.

We ran (walked--no one can really run with 11,000 people in a 5k) the Color Run this past Saturday and had a great time with friends.  Georgia was a little unsure at first; it's a lot of people, really loud music, a super ton of crazy, and being 44'' tall means you can't see much of what is going on at the start and you just have to trust mom and dad.  

I introduced Georgia to Full House this morning.  My friend Lianne's girls have been watching it for a few months now so I thought I'd give it a whirl since G is getting more interested in 'real' shows.  However, there is a serious lack of good 'real' shows for five year olds--heck--thirty six year olds.  So back to the archives we went and hearing her laugh at Uncle Jesse and Kimmy Gibler from the other room was awesome.  The early episodes where the girls are way young are perfect!  I can capitalize on this forever, adding new shows as she gets older; Family Matters, Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Step by Step, eventually (a ways down the road) Boy Meets World and Wonder Years…..it's a gold mine!  That's right--NO ONE wants to watch Dog with a Blog.  I know……mind blowing.  

In related news….stuff I'm NOT loving….
Georgia starts kindergarten…all day…every day…in less than a month.  I may or may not cry actual tears about this when I go to bed some nights.

More on that later.

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