Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Nature Walk Purse

There was about a fifteen minute break in the rain and mist yesterday.  So Georgia and I headed outside to collect some 'treasures' for a little DIY that I had in mind. When we got back inside we laid them out to dry while we ate lunch. 

And then we got to work!  If you want to make your own--all you'll need is contact paper, outdoor treasures, some ribbon, a hole punch, and some colored tape.  Cut four pieces of contact paper to equal size.  Make them rather large--you're making a purse so you'll want it big enough to fit things inside of. 

Then, peel the backing off of one sheet of contact paper.  Lay it sticky side up on a flat surface and let your little designer get to work decorating it with some of the beautiful leaves and flowers you found on your nature walk. 

When there is enough on the contact paper peel the backing off your second sheet and lay it sticky side down, carefully, over your flowers and leaves.  Press the two sides together firmly to create a seal. 

You'll probably want to trim the edges. 

Repeat the above steps to create a second sealed sheet of leaves and flowers.  Now you have two sides for the purse.  Tape them together on the outside with some decorative masking or washi tape leaving the top open to make a pouch. 

How great do these leaves and curly-cues look? 

Then, punch two holes at the top of the purse on either side that you'll attach the ribbon strap to. 

Tie ribbon through each hole.  I had to measure my length of ribbon a few times to get it to hit in the right place on my four-year old.


Our finished product is big enough to hold some stuffed animals, necessary for every walk, sticks and stones we find along the way, a library book, or a picnic lunch.

You could do this so many different ways.  I'm so excited about how beautiful this turned out and how much of it my four year old was able to do on her own or help me with!


  1. That's too cute! And your fingernails look great!

  2. What a cute craft! My niece would love this.


  3. What a great idea, she is adorable!

    1. Thanks Kelley! Good to have you stop by.

  4. Hi Maggie,

    My name is Melissa Gunter and I got to your site with a gentle nudge from God. Long story :) I am adopted, gave a child up for adoption, and have adopted two beautiful young girls. We also tried to adopt a family member but it didn't work out. One adoption is closed (we don't have access to the records at all) and one is open. All this said, it has been on my heart for some time that I should write my story. I have definitely lived adoption from almost every angle. Problem is, I am not a writer but I trust that there are many fine writers out there that could help. So I found myself, quite by accident, on your site and the nudge was quite clear to get here. Confirmation-my oldest daughter's name is Georgia. I love that name! So, dear Lady, I leave you this question, are you a writer looking for a good story that is close to your heart? Do you know a writer? or was I just drawn here by the similarities of our own stories? Nice Blog, Melissa (


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