Thursday, July 12, 2012

And then it all goes to crap...............

That saying, "The Calm Before the Storm," must have been penned by a mother of a three year old and then sailors or meteorologists or some other weather aficionados adopted it as their own.  I should know by now the implications it has on my life........I really should.

Tuesday was one of those summer days where life was like a Smucker's Jelly commercial.....idyllic, lazy, filled with kiddie pools and ice-pops, lunch on a picnic blanket, trampolines, good quiet time, ballet class and just Georgia and me.  We normally have some kind of activity going on most days of the week, but not Tuesday.  We just played--the two of us.  We hunkered down at home, destroyed the back yard with a hundred activities and left remnants of our good time in our wake.

After ballet class that evening we got the usual--ice cream.  It was just the two of us, in keeping with the day, as opposed to the friends we normally go with, and it was perfect.  An appropriate ending to a beautiful day.  I could hear birds chirping and angels singing and..........

butterflies flying, and children laughing, and light beams were bouncing off our joyous faces and........

there were ants to meet.  Always ants.  They round out a perfect least in Georgia's mind.

And I was basking in the glow of what I was chalking up to be a near perfect parenting day.  I had been patient, happy, creative, logical, silly, doting, appropriately firm, and all around 'mother of the year.'

And then before bed I asked Georgia to "quick run in the bathroom and go pee before we put your pull up on."

And the whole day went to crap........because the tantrum that ensued over that request was the reaction you'd see if someone was being tortured.......I'm sure of it.  Over pee.  We ended the night more like an Allstate Insurance commercial with 'Mayhem' taking over our house.  There were time outs and no books before bed-time and shrieking screams for about a half hour once we closed Georgia's bedroom door.

And I should have known, that calm before the's intoxicating, it clouds your mom vision, and makes you a little loopy on love.

Here's to a better day today.  Right?


  1. Ahhh, yes. So glad I'm not the only one that this happens to. We had like two great weeks of behavior at this house, then, we've had about a week and a half of Lucy acting as I expected she would this summer. As I write this, I'm taking a "mommy time out" because already, at 8:30 AM, she's broken mommy. That's our saying around husband tells them "Don't break mommy because we need her."

  2. I am laughing out loud... So hilarious - because it is true. Loved this.

  3. Sorry, I had to laugh at this. We go through those days quite a bit in our house lately. :-)

  4. Too funny...and I LOVE those All State commercials, especially the one with the grown man strapped to a car seat screaming, "MOMMY, MOMMY MOMMY!!!"

  5. oh maggie, i am right there with you and that calm! never fails that after i mention how wonderful the day is, or how easy an outing was, within minutes comes the storm. i love how light hearted and funny this is, even though in the moment it wasn't. thanks for sharing! you're an awesome mom!

  6. We seem to be having those days a lot lately. My little miss will be two next weekend and we are feeling the terrible twos. Today was particularly draining. But as I look her now, peaceful and napping next to me I realize it's only a phase (I hope). Good luck.

  7. Oh, I know all about tantrums. My daughter is 5 and her mood can suddenly flip in a second.

  8. I'm going through that stage right now…at least it was a good day until then. She was probably tired. Those are AWESOME photos!


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