Friday, June 3, 2016

It's Friday, I'm in Love.

Putting these little temptation collages together keeps me from shopping online……sort of.  However, since I own half of this stuff--maybe it's not actually helping me at all.  But……a lot of it's really necessary, super-helpful, just plain fun stuff.

Anyway--it's the first Friday of June!  Happy Friday and happy shopping!

These reclaimed wood wall hangings are so simple and beautiful.  I love the leather strap too!// Sandals like this are a splurge but I have a feeling they'd become an everyday item if I had them.//  I don't think saying we listen to this 100 times a day is an exaggeration.  Georgia and I know it by heart now and we've completed some pretty awesome car concerts to it.// A great find at World Market and so cheap compared to others I've seen like it at more expensive shops.// I think I make batch of popsicles in this little mold a few times a week.  I use smoothies, fruit juice, and even ice-cream.  They are the cutest little size and perfect if you have a tiny kiddo (or a big kiddo) in your house. // Suuuuper tempted by this style this summer and I love Madewell jeans……so we'll see. // It's finally grilling season and I found this amazing seasoning salt at my grocery store and might just be using it on everything this summer. // I've tried on lots of jump-suits this year and this one is by far my favorite in terms of feel, fit, and price--size down if you try it……it runs big!// Roman and Leo is one of my favorite little boy clothes web-sites and I love Crosby in tank tops… striped tank tops win every time. // I didn't have a high chair for Georgia….probably because this one wasn't invented yet.  But if you're in the market for a high-chair and like modern design this is it!  Seriously the best ever….and it's $20.// These pants for Georgia are super great---not fitted pants (which she thinks the devil created) but not leggings either. // I'm not a girl who seeks out natural products but when I stumbled upon this one I was intrigued and now I'm hooked. Smells amazing, works just as well as regular deodorant, and doesn't have any carcinogens in it.//  Noonday is one of my favorites and I feel like these earrings will be in heavy rotation this summer. // This is a girls tank top from Old Navy--but if you buy a girls XL or XXL it's the same as a women's small or medium… there you go. // I've been on the hunt for a good vanilla perfume for years and I think this is it. // These little letter boards are kind of everywhere right now and I think they'd make a cute little wedding gift…..or just because gift….for someone (like yourself). // G doesn't love flip flops so these are a good alternative for cheap and easy summer footwear.  

Have a great weekend!  And 'whoo-hoo' for those of you already on summer break and 'you're almost there' for those of you who have a week to go!

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