Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Chipmunk Family.

Hello, hi-there little blog.  I didn't forget about you.  Apparently I just needed a good snow-day with the kids to get my creative mo-jo back.  And I just needed to do it.  Post.  Hit publish.  So tonight was the night.

Last summer Georgia and I took some pictures of her Calico Critters having fun outside with the intent to write a story about them.  Well….summer plans started rolling and time got away from us and we kind of forgot about it.  Earlier this winter I found the pictures on my memory card and had them printed.  And today was the day we made this story happen.  

I buy blank books for Georgia at the dollar spot at Target whenever they have them.  She can churn out books faster than Danielle Steele so we like to have a good supply on hand.  

When we took our pictures last summer we decided that the story would be something like….the chipmunk family needed to move…..for a reason yet to be decided, and they'd make their way from their outside home to an inside home.  

A few of our pictures…….

And this afternoon we put everything together……

She was pretty proud--as she should be!  She's thinking maybe her teacher will read it during snack time tomorrow.  Super simple project you can do with your kids--with just about anything they collect or love.  So head to the dollar spot at Target and keep your eye out for cheap blank books and show your kids how to self-publish a book!


  1. This is awesome! Can't wait to try it this summer. Glad you hit publish.

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