Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation & Mother's Day. {And because I can't keep all the succulents.}

Easy DIY for you tonight starring one of my favorite addictions.  Succulents. I need to stop buying them.  But they're always calling me.  They remind me of California.  I love that place.  They are so cheap in those little pots.  So why not get a few more?  They are virtually un-killable.  So….bonus points all around.  They come in about a zillion varieties and I always stumble upon one I don't have yet.

But……sometimes I need to learn to let go.  So I decided I can still buy them as long as I'm giving some away.  And with teacher appreciation week happening now….and Mother's Day happening pretty much now this little DIY can cover both bases.  Think a cute gift for your child's teacher later this week and think hostess gift or place setting or a great set of these for Mother's Day on Sunday.

These melamine bowls are everywhere right now.  Buy a few and drill a drainage hole in them.  I piled a few stones in the bottom of the bowl before putting the succulent in.  

Then simply place the plant on top of the stones and supplement a bit more dirt to really pack it in tight. I add a few stones on top of the soil to keep everything in place and act like a bookend so-to-speak to keep the plant upright.  Give them a little bit of water, right down the center of the succulent and place them in a sunny spot.  They'll need a drink of water once a week until some of it runs out the drainage hole in the bottom and that's about it. 

Good luck actually giving them away. 

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