Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Friday, I'm in Love {With Etsy boy stuff}

I'd been trying to stay away from Etsy. Lie. 
And then Crosby was born and I had nothing for a boy.  That is not a lie at all.  

When I say nothing--I mean nothing.  Besides a few formula stained plain white onesies from Georgia's first days we owned no unisex baby clothing.  So………I begrudgingly have picked up a few things from Etsy in recent days for the little man and thought I'd share some favorite shops with you.  


1.  We don't own these--but probably should. 
2.  These little block print pillows are amazing and really---you could make them look perfect in anyones room.  
3.  I just ordered this mobile for Crosby's room--we don't have it yet, but I'll post some pics of his finished room once it's dangling magically from his ceiling. 
4.  Love these bandana bibs.  Love. 
5.  These little leggings (Chris told Crosby the two of them could secretly call them pants) are so soft and cuddly and Crosby wears them at least three times a week. 
6. This little banner I actually ordered this summer when the artist was on Brickyard Buffalo and I love it.  She makes incredible banners for any occasion. 
7. These moccs!  Yes.  Of course yes. 
8.  Beanies for days for Crosby. 
9.  And since Crosby is going to be a pacifier kid (new and slightly annoying territory for us) I've had to figure out all the tricks not to lose them--so these little leather straps will do the trick for now.  

I'm having more fun getting little guy things than I thought I would.  Etsy and little independent sellers have really solved a lot of the "no one makes cute boy stuff" problems… I'm coming around and kind of love all the boy stuff now!  

Happy Friday!


  1. As an OT by profession I was anti pacifier- then baby girl NEEEDED them! My unsolicited advice- we never upped the size we gave her newborn size and never got the bigger ones- they eventually don't work right since they get bigger and the pacifier doesn't. We also quit them cold turkey before she could talk (1st birthday). It was a rough week but we all lived.

    Thanks for the etsy sites! We are in the same boat if we have a boy- he will be wearing pink sleepers until we can get to a store.

    1. That is a good trick! Luckily for us, right now, he's a very half hearted pacifier kid. We use it to calm him down in the car seat, or if we're out and about, and sometimes if we rock him to sleep--but he very rarely actually makes it into bed with one.


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