Thursday, March 20, 2014

One Whole Hand.

I tell you all the time G……you have to stop getting so old on me. It hurts and makes me cry…..and is wonderful all at the same time.  To see the amazing person you're turning into is incredible.  And to think that your dad and I get to be privy to that on a daily basis is the most fantastic honor ever bestowed on us.  

But when I think about the fact that next year you're in school full time….it takes my breath away.  You'll always be my baby--but you're a big now kid….a tried and true really big girl with amazing thoughts and opinions and a sense of humor and embarrassment and just……..big.

Being your mom feels like what I was born to do and being able to do it these last five years has been nothing less than what I thought it would be…..only one thousand times more.

Happy fifth birthday baby-doll.
You're 'one whole hand today' and I couldn't be happier that I get to be your mom.
Love you forever.

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