Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Golden Book DIY

I found this amazing book the other day at the bookstore and scooped it up.  An incredible compilation of all our favorite pages from Golden Books.  It's the loveliest little book for people like me (read…..those of us in our mid-thirties who grew up with Golden Books). The pages are stand alone works of art that you can hang just about anywhere in the house.  So I did.

I mean….how great would that little daydream picture be in Georgia's bedroom?  Or this Kiss one below?  It's going above my bed soon.  And there's no end.  I could hang a page from this book in every room in my house.  But I'll refrain.  Maybe.

I started with this one…….

It's hanging in Georgia's bathroom……because I have this picture of her at about a year…….

And it was too fantastic of a coincidence not to do it. 

So snag yourself one of these babies…..two perhaps….one to decorate your house with and one to read.  And if you've got a nursery or something to decorate…….jackpot.  

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