Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lake Ann. Year Six.

It's hard to believe this was our sixth year heading up to Lake Ann, right outside of Traverse City, Michigan. Georgia's fifth year.  She's been going every summer starting at four months old.  She had her first taste of rice cereal there sitting on the kitchen table, her first boat ride, her first bite of an ice-cream cone at the Pine Cone in Glen Arbor, Michigan (also at four months old--yep...that's true), she collected her first sea-shells there, and took her first run down the shores of Lake Michigan when she was about two years old a few years back during this week. It holds a lot of memories......ones best shared in pictures.

How incredible is this light? Sometimes the universe just wants you to have a shot like this.

We spent quite a bit of time at Lake Michigan this year.  We discovered an off-the-beaten-path beach last year in Good Harbor, Michigan that is truly reminiscent of those Pure Michigan ads you've seen.  Not very many people know about it and we never shared the beach with more than four or five other groups each day that we went.  It's like no other beach I've ever been to and although I love the ocean oh-so-much......I'm going to has nothing on this stretch of beach in Good Harbor along Lake Michigan.  It's totally true.  I promise.

Georgia was pretty determined to get up on the SUP (that's right--if you're going to do it--you have to use the correct just have to) all by herself.  Success!

And I love this sass. 

 Lake Michigan this calm--unheard of.

My sister the yogi.  Head stands in a studio are beyond my reach--let alone a paddle board SUP in Lake Michigan.

It was a great week as usual.  One of our hottest on record.  I didn't do my hair once and I think I put on make-up one day.  And as usual--I wore about 1/4 of the clothes that I brought.  Why can't I get a handle on that?

See you again soon Lake Ann!

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