Monday, February 18, 2013

Clean Rooms.

I cleaned like a crazy woman yesterday.  I took down all the remaining 'winter stuff'; fake snow covered trees, Valentines Day hearts, the winter terrarium on my kitchen table, the bright red felt runner, the red wreath off the front door......all of it.  And in its place I put little pots of succulents on the kitchen table, some new plants in my kitchen window, fake moss in jars, and other various 'spring is most likely right around the corner' decorations. And I dusted and I finished the laundry (which as you know lasts an all of ten minutes) and I vacuumed and when I went to bed last night it just felt really........good.

And this morning I took Georgia to the rooms stayed clean.  And right from school we drove to meet my mom at our normal 1/2 way spot when Georgia is going to stay with her for a few the rooms stayed clean.  And now I'm home, alone, until I go to meet Chris for dinner, in this clean room house.  And as wonderful as it is, it's really just okay.

Because the thing is--my house doesn't really feel like my house anymore unless Georgia, and all that she is about is in it.  Unless there are remnants of dress up clothes scattered around the living room, little plastic shoes that I trip over on the stairs, the Fresh Beat Band playing in the background, nutri-grain bar crumbs on the kitchen floor, paper scraps around the craft table, a stuffed animal menagerie on the couch, and calls from the kitchen, "Mommy--I didn't really mean to spill all that water. I'm so sorry," it just doesn't feel like home.  And honestly, the clean rooms, don't mean as much as they used to.  Don't get me wrong--I'll always strive for them and thoroughly enjoy them and pick up as much as I can as the messes get made--but ultimately, when the rooms aren't perfect, it means Georgia is here and that's better than anything else.

She's only gone for two days--my work schedule this week demanded it.  And she loves going to Gaga's more than macaroni and cheese.  But the minute I drop her off I can't wait to get her back.

So, for the next two days, I'll relish these clean rooms..........

but after that.........
I'll look forward to Georgia being back......and everything that it means.


  1. Miss my kiddos too when they're not around. Their presence just makes me feel more at ease.

  2. I'm the exact same way when Dylan is gone. It's usually only a night but I still can't wait to pick him up the next day. There's just something that feels right in my life when he's right there.

    P.S. I love your living room color!


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