Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Like Adoption.

Georgia watched this video with me. And she was quiet.  And you know what's so incredible about little kids?  They don't really know yet what is 'weird' or 'different' or what's 'normal.'  And they don't get squeamish about things that are uncomfortable like adults do.  She did ask me once why one of the kids didn't have arms.  I told her.  She just said, "Oh," and kept watching. And at the end........

"I'm adopted just like those kids. I like adoption."  

I had tears in my eyes and I kissed her head and said, "I like it too."

The title of the video is so obvious that it's just what comes out of your mouth if you really 'get' adoption.  Even when adoption is so hard and painful.  The family in this video knows that ten-fold....and they adoption.  

Georgia's adoption is really very different from the ones portrayed here and I wouldn't necessarily describe her adoption as what saved her life in a literal way nor that by being adopted she was escaping what the kids in the family above were escaping.  But the message is still there.  

Adoption is something to be liked.  It's amazing in ways that other things just can't be amazing.  And it's videos like this that I hope people watch, and even if they're not directly impacted by adoption will make them believe that adoption is something to be celebrated and supported and talked about in a positive light.  

I like adoption.  


  1. This video is beautiful, and I much enjoyed your post as well. I read so much negativity regarding adoption on many of the blogs I follow, and I realize that reforms are needed in many areas, but it's not wrong to say, "I like adoption." Of course I like....heck, I LOVE adoption. It's the way I built my family, and the way that my beautiful baby girl and I came together. While I recognize the bittersweet nature of the fact that adoption exists, I want my daughter to have confidence and pride in the way our family was formed. And as this video points out, there are many children in the world that do need and benefit from adoption. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can't wait to hear my sweet baby girl tell me she loves adoption too. Like Camille said- so much negativity is out there, but really if a sweet little girl says she likes adoption- then we all should. I found your bog from your post last week about Ashter. I'm looking forward to following.

    1. Great to have you TTABaby! And yes--there are so many negative opinions of adoption and that was confirmed for me last week ten fold. And to be honest--some of them I get--a lot of mean things were done to young birth moms many years ago and that is horribly unfortunate. I'm thankful to be part of new generation of adoption though where openness is not only encouraged but very accepted! Again--so great to have you!


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