Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Moving Trenches

So we officially moved this past weekend.  And for all you chronic movers out there I have but one question: Why?  We lived in our first house for nine years.  And in nine years, no matter how small the house, you can acquire a lot of..............stuff.  Just ask me.  And then you have to move said stuff.  And it's exhausting--even with movers. But, it's water under the bridge now.........and we're excited about the new place.  It's just kept me from writing as much as I'd like/am used to...........and I get a little itchy thinking about how I haven't written in almost a week. 

But quickly....some great things about our move this weekend.........

I have this great little retro tea kettle from my grandma and it has finally found a perfect home in our new kitchen.  Kind of like it was made to brew tea there.

My amazing friend Rachel, who is also now my neighbor, had a private cooking lesson on Saturday and the results were unreal.  So not the typical Taco Bell that we were planning on eating for dinner when we knew that Saturday was moving day.  Beef tenderloin, mushroom risotto, and home-made cheesecake aren't your typical moving fare food........but we'll take it.......any day Rachel.  Just let us know a day and a time!

We found this guy!  Georgia has a little Wizard of Oz play set that Tarah gave her for her birthday, and we lost the Scarecrow about three months ago.  And this is sad because the Scarecrow is hands-down her favorite character from The Wizard of Oz.  But lo and behold...as the movers tipped our love-seat up to move it, he came tumbling out.  Why I couldn't find him in there all the times I looked I'll never know...but he's back in his rightful spot and all is well in Oz. 

First I must say, I am not an apple pie fan...until I tried this one, brought to me warm by one of my new neighbors.  Chris and I ate the whole thing right out of the pan in about an hour while unpacking boxes on Sunday.  I think I've been converted. 

Anyhow...I'll be back on Friday for an exciting day!  Six months in the making.  No......it's not a baby.  Just wanted to get that all cleared up before any wild ideas started floating around out there. 

Happy December!


  1. Congrats on the move! The new house is beautiful.

    Also, I can't wait to hear your exciting news. :-D

  2. Happy SITS Day!! Moving is exhausting! Congrats on the new house!

  3. Congrats on the move! I've moved 13 times. No matter what, it is always exhausting! Happy SITS Day! Hope you get settled in quickly. :)


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