Monday, September 10, 2012

How did we get here?

I don't have a lot of words today.  Just pictures.  Preschool moms who have gone before me have summed up all those nostalgic, emotional, and "I think living in a yurt in Siberia sounds good about now so I can protect my child from anything bad ever happening to her or her learning any nasty habits from her class-mates" feelings for years.  And they're all right.

I've done first-days of school my whole life.  Whether they were mine or because I was teaching......but none were as great as Georgia's.  And not because I went crazy and hired her a Dorothy impersonator to get her up in the morning or a Scarecrow to jump up out of a cake--but because she's my baby and to watch her take in all of the activity in her classroom, walk independently to circle time, or stride confidently out to the playground all by herself makes me just feel so lucky.  That's it. I can't believe she's mine.  I can't believe God gave her to me.

Sometimes it's just too much to describe in eloquent or creative words.  So pictures will have to do.

Those kitty shoes?  She spotted those last spring and told me, "I want to wear those on the first day of preschool!"  They were $8 at the grocery store so I indulged her, never thinking in a million years that she'd still be holding on to that dream or even remember that we'd bought them.  Last week she made sure to remind me to get out those kitty shoes that we bought for the first day of school.  They kind of make me want to eat her feet up they're so cute.

Grandma Cathy bought her this little deer purse yesterday and of course the only "good" picture of her and I that I got this morning included her squeezing the love out of this deer purse in excitement and shoving it in my face.....ahhhh.....the deer purse.

Her most favorite girl in the world, Fiona, was calling down to her from the loft--and that takes all precedence.....picture or not.

Georgia and Fiona.  I couldn't really ask for a better friend for Georgia to go through life with right now than Fiona.  She is an amazing little girl.

Pre-school.  I think it's going to be a good year.  I'm so excited to watch her learn to play with other kids in an academic setting, fall into the rhythms of school routines, talk to me about what she's learning, and become more of the Georgia that she's meant to be.

Today.....her highlight was learning a song about a whale that burps.  She was quick to tell me that the whale did in fact say, "Pardon me."

What's been your school highlight so far this year?


  1. So So cute...what a big day at your house! Looks like it will be a fabulous year for you all!

  2. Oh my gosh, she is so adorable! She looks SO grown up!

  3. What a way to start a new chapter...with confidence and style. Both girls are ADORABLE and seem fearless. And I just love the friendship story. :)

  4. Georgia is adorable! For me I love how Analiese continues to talk about taking pride in her work. When she was coloring in her math shapes she said that she stayed in the lines because she takes pride in her work. I also found a notebook that she is writing in which talks about how much she loves first grade and really enjoys taking pride in her work.

  5. Wait til she starts Kindergarten like mine just did...!!!
    Georgia is adorable:) Hope she has a great time in PreSchool:)


  6. Have fun Georgia! Do they make the kitty cat shoes in adult sizes?



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