Friday, June 8, 2012

Week One in the Books.

So I'm wrapping up Pinterest Week #1 and it was, for the most part, a good week--on Pinterest terms.  We did post-pone one of our activities and did two on one day due to a three year old temper tantrum after I got home from work on Tuesday that we had a hard time recovering from quickly.  I made the game-time decision that it would be better to just go outside and play versus trying to sit and do a project.  I felt like that might entail more tears.

We started here......

all of our supplies gathered in one place, ready to go.

Activity #1:

This little activity has really made the rounds on Pinterest.  I give it a D......for a three year old.  I think this would be perfect for a one or two year old.  Georgia really could have cared less and didn't understand why we couldn't just paint with the paint.  The magic of tempera paint in a bag lasted all of ten minutes.  Then she asked if she could just go inside and work on her cards (at any given time she has 10-15 cards she's working on for..........Fiona.)

Activity #2:

The caterpillar clothespin clips.  I'd give it a B+.  Georgia liked this a lot more than the paint activity.  She was actually creating something.......and that's important to her.  I get it.

Activity #3:

Easy A for this one.  There was a process here, Georgia loves rainbows, and it conjured up stirrings of Wizard of Oz songs.  The makings of a match made in heaven in Georgia's book.  And she's proceeded to move this rainbow cloud all over the house with her this week.  It travels from her room to the coffee table to the bathroom to the basement.  "Don't at all move this!," she told me tonight as she laid it on the chest in the living room before she went to sleep.

Activity #4:

Eeehh.....this was just okay.  It works, it's just not that fun really.  It's pretty darn obvious that the marbles are going to all travel at the same speed down the pool noodles if they're dropped at the same time so the magic wears off quickly.  It turned into a debate about why we couldn't just toss the marbles down the stairs.

And I about went crazy with this, because while I'm getting better at accepting some wild and out of control behavior (and please know I use the term some very generously here) it pretty much sends me over the edge.  One time while I was still teaching 8th grade a student said to me, "You know Mrs. never just let us act crazy and nuts."  I responded with, "Ummmmm.........that's correct.  And I take it as a compliment that you noticed."  

But don't worry--we followed this up with some crazy.  

We're for sure the only house in the neighborhood that has been playing with snaps already this year.  And my daughter?  She likes to make them pop by jumping on them.  And I let her.  I do.  

Activity 5: 

This one was probably the best for a few entailed running around, screaming, shrieking, and daddy.  For Georgia--it doesn't get much better.  

But hands down.......the best thing we did this week was use our sidewalk chalk on the wet trampoline.  A little idea I dreamt up all on my own.  When wet, the trampoline is a perfect blackboard and the chalk glides across it effortlessly making using chalk bearable.  Hands down.........I'm guessing these will be some of my favorite pictures of the summer. 

We'll be doing this a lot.  I can promise you.  And if you have a trampoline--get on this.  Squirt it down with a hose when you're done and it comes right off.  

I'll be doing a Pinterest week again the last week of June.  What should I include?  Leave me some great links below!  


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  2. I love the trampoline/chalk idea...beautiful picture! I actually did a little bit of my Pinterest challenge...go me!

  3. Well I'm def scratching the painf in a bag thing!! Thanks for the review!! I do wish we had a trampoline. That looks awesome!

  4. Love pinterest week! I'm definitely going to try that rainbow one, I think my daughter will love it.

  5. I LOVE that you are testing these activities. I wish everything on Pinterest had a star rating from REAL moms. Thanks!

    1. That would be so helpful wouldn't it? :) Stay tuned--another one the last week of June. Good to have you stop by! Your site is great!


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