Saturday, May 19, 2012


I had a super serious, moving, contemplative, bring tears-to-your eyes post started.

No I didn't.

I had this one started......from a while ago.

And with summer well on the way I felt like resurrecting it and concentrating on something fluffy and light-hearted and fun and random.  And I'm a girl who loves lists of all varieties.

So here you go.....20 of my greatest weaknesses.


1.  Mary Higgins Clark books.

2.  Getting tan.  Really tan.  Like 80 year old woman who's lived in Miami her whole life tan.

3.  Tea.  Black tea.  Don't give me any wanna-be tea like green tea, white tea, Earl Grey, or Constant Comment.....straight up black tea.  (And if I don't sound just like my mother right now I don't know what does.)

4.  Shoes from Target.

5.  Clearance jewelry at J. Crew.

6.  Chocolate licorice.

7.  Beautiful notebooks (even though I type 99% of the time and can't even remember when I've hand-written anything lengthier than a grocery list).

8.  Lifetime movies. (I know.........brain cell sucking......I them.  I'm sorry.)

9.  Brandy peach pie.....and with summer coming.....I can hardly wait to eat a whole one by all by myself.

10.  Etsy.

11.  Tank-tops.  I think on last count I had over 70.  So ridiculous.  However, I never get rid of anything if that makes it better.  Some of those babies are vintage 1995 and travelled with me to my first year of college.

12.  Throw pillows--much to my husbands delight.

13.  Guys with long hair.  It took my husband growing out his hair to his shoulders for me to be interested.  Just ask him.

14.  Raw dough........of just about any variety.  Bring on the salmonella baby.

15.  Glamour Magazine. I can't ever pass them up in the grocery store check out line.

16.  Scrap-book paper.  Even though I don't scrap all......I've got a great collection of beautiful paper--because I just can't pass up beautiful paper.  See #7.

17.  The Olympics.  The nationalism, the international camaraderie, the "Bob Costas" narrated stories that make you cry, and the myth that for a few weeks the world has really come together get me ever time.

18.  Goat cheese. On anything, in's like crack.

19.  Watches.  I inherited this from my father who has asked for a watch for every Father's Day, birthday, Christmas present, or random day of the week.

20.  Gum.  I'm almost down to a pack-a-day.

Come on.  What are your weaknesses?  Dish.

And for the rest of the weekend.......we'll be doing more of this.  Working on #2.  And with sunscreen now deemed "who knows if it's really good for you or not" we'll be good.


  1. 1. Blogs - I LOVE to know what is happening in the lives of my blog friends who do not even know I exist (well except you)
    2. Dancing and Singing at the top of my lungs - in the car or anywhere else that I may be. I embarrass my husband or anyone else I am with, but I love to have fun.
    3. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter - however I can find out what everyone is doing.
    4. Eating Chocolate Cake - I have been known to eat a whole cake in one sitting (usually while pregnant, but not always)
    5. Chips and Salsa - I LOVE CHIPS AND SALSA

  2. 16. I have tons of scrapbook paper and I don't scrapbook either. I use some of it for various things, but I just cannot help myself when I am at Michaels. I always pick up some.

    I found your blog through Kelle Hampton's and have loved going back and reading your story.

    1. So glad to have you Melissa! And yes.....I have all these dreams of using my scrapbook paper for little cards and notes and just ends up being a collection. :)

  3. We must be cookies from the same box. I think you and I have very similar lists. I too have a great fondness for paper, pretty notebooks, goat cheese, the Olympics (I could watch it all), watches (I have dozens and almost never wear one), Etsy, shoes, and tea (though I like all teas, no discrimination here). It is a pleasure to read along with you.

    1. Good to have you! I do have to say.....I wear my watches a lot. I'll change them a couple times a day--strange, I know.


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