Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family Secrets

We've all got 'em..........right?  If you don't....right. Here's ours (one of ours anyway--I'll keep that incident on the sand dunes with mom a few years back under wraps for now and Ellen's catch phrase snafu about Liberace--wait, that's not really a secret....just a great laugh)'s called jewelryism.  That's right.  Jewelryism.  My mom, my sister, and myself can't stop buying jewelry.  And I'm not talking about the good stuff really....the cheap costume stuff that you can hoard and not feel that guilty about until you look at your bedroom wall where it's all precariously hanging and say, "What is wrong with me?" 

"I need a better way to organize all of this."

"So I can buy more."
And now would be a good time to warn you that you will really learn nothing of consequence in this entry--nothing heart warming about your children, nothing that thought provoking, and nothing very self-reflective.  Let's just call this what it is--a really humbling glance into the shallowness that is my addiction to jewelry.

When you look at the mess pictured below I want you to understand that I have a very mild case of jewelryism compared to my mom.  I'm sure I'll continue to get worse as I age--she has 28 years on me so that's quite a head start.  But just so you know (and to make myself feel better) she not only has a whole wall of the stuff....but two full dresser drawers (and I'm talking dresser drawers that you could store about fifteen huge wool sweaters in a piece), as well as random little bowls and baskets of jewelry.  And, I'm in no way saying this is bad--believe me, my sister and I reap the benefits of this if we're home and need something to wear with an outfit.  But I do come by this honestly and I've thankfully embraced that there is no cure for it. 

Here's the thing....there are layers upon layers of necklaces hanging on this poor little tie rack and I generally have no idea what I even own so don't end up wearing about 70% of it.  And the earring rack above it?  A huge pain.  The earrings get caught in it and when I'm trying to remove them at least two other pairs fall off onto the floor into a pair of shoes or something and I can't find them.

So I decided to tackle this problem with a solution I found on pinterest.  And it was so easy.  I used a cork bulletin board that had a wood frame, some spray adhesive, some cheap linen fabric, and upholstery tacks.  I sprayed the surface of the bulletin board (the cork side) and smoothed my fabric over that to make sure it would stay in place.  Then, I wrapped the entire border of the bulletin board in the linen that was just hanging over the edge (make sure you get a big piece), and finished it off with the upholstery tacks.  And then of course like all good DIY projects I staple gunned the crap out of the fabric on the back.  That's it!

I hung it up with nails and then I put nails in the board where I wanted them for the jewelry to hang on. Truth be told, I could really use two of these boards.  But, I refuse for now out of some kind of stance about not needing more jewelry, but really who am I kidding?  Instead I'm going to get rid of some of it (not any you see pictured of course--other jewelry that didn't make the photo). 

I breathe a little easier when I look at this; organization does that for me. 

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